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IoT Smart Weather Stations for Home Use

Smart weather stations are the convergence of smart home and weather prediction. These systems closely monitor climate conditions right where they’re located using IoT (Internet of Things) technology. They’re equipped with sensors that can track in real-time local air pressure, rainfall, UV light, and wind. This data can be used to generate custom forecasts connected to your exact location. A basic system typically measures air pressure, humidity, and outdoor temperature. It’ll alert you when it starts to rain, and more advanced systems have the ability to measure rainfall amounts. Premium weather devices can also sample wind conditions, such as direction and speed. In addition, some stations notice when the sun is shining and how brightly due to UV light and solar radiation sensors.

An intelligent weather station doesn’t only have to control devices outside a house. Many new stations work in tandem with other connected household devices, such as smart lights and thermostats, which means you can trigger indoor lights and temperature based on local weather conditions. For instance, when your station detects rain, your lights can be set to turn on, or when the clouds leave and the sun begins to shine, your station can dim lighting, raise the blinds, etc. inside your house. You can also have your smart thermostat turn on when it’s triggered by inside humidity or temperature to increase your indoor comfort.

  • Limits Water Usage: You can use daily reports of actual rainfall amounts to decide whether you can skip a day of irrigation. Some stations even notify you when it’s the optimal time to water your plants and lawn. They can even command web-connected garden sprinklers and lawn irrigation systems. For instance, a connected station can turn off smart sprinklers when it detects rain.
  • Provides Local Forecasts: Many weather apps pull data from just one location, such as a park or an airport near a city’s center. If the closest of these sites are miles away from where you live, a personal weather station will be more accurate. Using your station, you can view localized weather data and forecasts. You can also choose which alerts you’d like to receive based on current weather conditions.
  • Temperature Alerts: Severe temperature changes could create trouble for your home and pets. A smart station will push alerts via mobile app when it detects extreme heat and cold. You’ll know immediately when there’s below freezing temperature, which put pipes at risk of freezing and possibly bursting. These severe cold alerts signal when to exactly turn off the water to outdoor faucets for the winter. The same is true when outdoor conditions get too hot and when it’s time to shelter pets or sensitive plants inside. By receiving alerts, you can help your plants withstand withering midday heat with a morning spray. High winds are also dangerous and you can receive alerts for strong wind gusts so you know when to secure outdoor furniture, etc.

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Syrma TechnologyIoT Smart Weather Stations for Home Use

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