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Communication Trends: Telegraphs to Smartphones

In ancient times, information was transmitted across long distances via drum beats or smoke signals; however, these methods were limited by the weather and the ability to see receptor points. In the early 1790s, the semaphore, a modern precursor to the electric telegraph, was developed. This solution consisted of a series of hilltop stations that used arms to signal letters and numbers, along with two telescopes used to see the other stations. Facing similar issues as previous methods, a different mode of transmitting data was needed for long-distance communication.

New Factors Driving India’s Electronics Industry

India’s electronics industry has grown to become one of the largest consumer electronics markets in the Asia Pacific Region. There are numerous factors amplifying this growth in recent years. These include the growth of India’s middle-class population, increasing disposable income among its citizens and dropping prices for electronics. Despite being considered a single economic class,