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RFID Journal: Toronto’s RFID-Enabled Bike-Sharing Program

In April 2016, the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) announced that it had selected Montreal-based bike-sharing solutions company PBSC Urban Solutions as the new supplier for its Bike Share Toronto network. This year, the TPA will purchase 1,000 new RFID-enabled bicycles and 120 new stations from PBSC. This acquisition more than doubles the number of bikes in TPA’s bicycle-sharing program. Meanwhile, Chicago’s Divvy program, which has comprised 476 PBSC stations and 4,760 PBSC bikes since 2013, has begun expanding its network by adding 99 stations and 1,000 bikes.

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Designing RFID Applications for Bike-Sharing Program

Syrma Technology teamed with an emerging leader in the global bike sharing space to implement the perfect solution: a mobile infrastructure incorporating advanced RFID technology.  In collaboration with the company, Syrma's engineers designed a robust network model structured around a controller area network (CAN) protocol, connecting assets via real-time internet connectivity and accurately processing electronic user payments hosted on high-capacity cloud servers. An essential element of the system is an embedded 5mm Syrma RFID tag, which keeps each bicycle in constant connection with the central network.