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Embedded PCB Technology for Small Mobile Devices

Printed circuit board (PCB) technology, or PCB, has become a vital part of modern electronic devices. The global market value for bare PCBs was over $60 billion in 2014 and is estimated to reach $79 billion by 2024. These figures show that PCBs will continue to grow in importance. Nowadays, PCB technology is used in everything, but the simplest electronic devices. Some electrical products, like passive switch boxes, also use PCBs technology.

Manufacturing Defect Analysis for Printed Circuit Boards

We offer a variety of turnkey electronic manufacturing services (EMS), such as defect analysis testing. Using a manufacturing defect analyzer (MDA) tool, we’re able to easily identify any existing manufacturing defects in printed circuit boards (PCB). This type of tool is a simplified version of the in-circuit test (ICT) and is designed to provide straightforward testing

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Designing Custom-Made Switched Mode Power Supplies

One of our recent clients is a European switched mode power supplies (SMPS) manufacturer that designs power supplies for niche applications. Their products are custom-made and meet the specific electrical, mechanical, and certification requirements of each customer. All involved international safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards are considered.