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RFID Surgical Instrument Tracking Prevents RSI

Surgery requires a precise assortment of instruments, as many as 200 for a lengthy, complicated procedure, constantly organized before, during and after the operation. In the past, nurses and surgical techs relied upon identifying instruments via meticulous processes of recording serial numbers or scanning barcodes, either stickers or codes laser-etched onto every instrument. This of course

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CIO Insider: How Intelligent Swabs Save Lives Post-Surgery

Every year many surgery patients unnecessarily endure life-threatening complications due to Retained Surgical Items (RSI), such as a cotton swab or surgical instrument being left behind post-surgery. Infusion of intelligence into consumables and surgical instruments can help hospitals eliminate the costly errors and avoid potential loss of lives. Nothing Left Behind, the international campaign for raising awareness on RSI, has been trying to virtually eliminate RSI incidents in ORs worldwide.