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Regulating Voltage with Electronic & Magnetic Transformers

A transformer is a device designed to help lighting systems reduce high voltages. This transition from high to low voltage is referred to as “step-down.” Transformers are often used in homes with monorail/track and landscape lighting systems. They convert 120 volts to 24 volts or 12 volts, whichever the lighting system requires. While 120 volts is the standard residential electric current, many systems need lower voltage to function. Many household appliances also use transformers. These include doorbells, thermostats, external path lights, and under-cabinet lighting. There are two transformer types: electronic and magnetic. Both varieties have unique applications, advantages, and disadvantages. Electronic and magnetic transformers shouldn't be mixed in the same dimming circuits. With a high-voltage counterpart, like lighting, a low-voltage transformer is less costly. Installation is also likely to be far easier and it may not even need the help of a professional. This is because the voltage is either 12 or 24 volts, meaning it's relatively harmless. Additionally, wiring can be buried under the surface or laid right on top of the ground. Both types of transformers have their own pros and cons. It’s important to consider the specific requirements of the system being installed.


Origins of Syrma Technology’s Female Workforce

Before fledging Tandon Magnetics, the predecessor of our company, could gain prominence as an exporter of key components IBM would incorporate into their pioneering floppy disk drives, founder M.L. (Manny) Tandon was faced with two significant challenges: The first early problem was sustaining stable, dedicated labor. During the mid-1970s, entry-level assembly workers, males in particular,

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Re-Engineering Electronic Elements for Induction Cooktops

An iconic global brand of household appliances sought a new OEM manufacturing partner for their induction cooktop coil assemblies and controller subsystems, following a falling out with their existing offshore vendor. Looking to start anew with a more accountable, proactive EMS relationship, they considered us after reviewing our superior track record developing similar heating components for consumer appliance OEM customers across international markets.

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Electronics Bazaar: Syrma Focuses on Quality, Delivery, & Innovations

Over the last decade, Syrma Technology has evolved into a company focused on niche, knowledge-intensive products for clients ranging from startups to well-established global organizations. The company can design and build a wide range of products with a focus on three areas: co-creation from concept to complete build, product innovations from prototypes to complete serial builds, and lifecycle management (optimization of existing products for state-of-art reliability, quality, and cost). This company was created in 2005 at the Madras Export Processing Zone in Chennai. It’s part of the Tandon Group, which has been in the electronics manufacturing industry for 40 years. Once the Group sold off its company, Celetronix, to Jabil India, it was looking to leverage its experience and expertise to enter niche segments in electronics manufacturing. Thus, Syrma Technology came about to cater to high-mix, low-to-medium volume products.