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Current Impact of United States-China Trade Relations

Since the beginning of 2019, China’s manufacturing sector has seen a net decrease, which began earlier last year. This is due in part to less exports and could mean that the Chinese economy is slowing down. The background trade war with the U.S. puts the manufacturing sector as well as other sectors at greater risk

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Benefits of India’s Phased Manufacturing Program

India implemented its Phased Manufacturing Program (PMP) in 2015. The program aims to increase the domestic production of mobile phone handsets. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology hopes that PMP will start a new sector of phone production. In time, the goal is to launch the country to the forefront of the international industry.


Power Supply Enclosures Made in India for Sale in India

One of our recent clients is an emerging North American startup conceptualizing new uninterruptable power supply (UPS) enclosures, which are self-contained aluminum cabinets that ensure extended electrical availability in remote areas. They’re specifically targeting the energy storage needs of the underserved India market, both business users and household consumers.

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Electronic Bazaar: Top 15 EMS Companies in India

We’re once again ranking the EMS companies operating in India, and are pleased to see their good performance in 2010-11 in comparison to their performance in 2009-10. We observed some significant changes this year while we ranked them based on their 2010-11 and 2011-12 turnovers. While Sanmina-SCI rose from the third position to the No 1 spot, Jabil Circuit India moved a position lower. SFO Technologies moved up to third spot while Dixon Technologies moved two positions lower, ranking fourth in the list. Also, NTL Electronics, Flextronics Technologies, Elin Electronics, and Kaynes Technology maintained their positions.