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Origins of Syrma Technology’s Female Workforce

Before fledging Tandon Magnetics, the predecessor of our company, could gain prominence as an exporter of key components IBM would incorporate into their pioneering floppy disk drives, founder M.L. (Manny) Tandon was faced with two significant challenges: The first early problem was sustaining stable, dedicated labor. During the mid-1970s, entry-level assembly workers, males in particular,

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The Hindu: Holy Grail of Gender Balance

More and more companies are waking up to the advantage of having a workforce that’s marked by equal participation of men and women. At first glance, the production floor at Syrma Technology in Chennai appears to be the preserve of women, but, on closer scrutiny, there are men, but they’re hugely outnumbered. At this electronics manufacturing services company, there are 1,780 workers; however, a whopping 1,403 are women. This provides quite a contrasting picture of the manufacturing sector, which is hugely male-dominated. While it’s certainly commendable to see women participating in a workforce in such a big way.