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New Factors Driving India’s Electronics Industry

India’s electronics industry has grown to become one of the largest consumer electronics markets in the Asia Pacific Region. There are numerous factors amplifying this growth in recent years. These include the growth of India’s middle-class population, increasing disposable income among its citizens and dropping prices for electronics. Despite being considered a single economic class,

Embedded PCB Technology for Small Mobile Devices

Printed circuit board (PCB) technology, or PCB, has become a vital part of modern electronic devices. The global market value for bare PCBs was over $60 billion in 2014 and is estimated to reach $79 billion by 2024. These figures show that PCBs will continue to grow in importance. Nowadays, PCB technology is used in everything, but the simplest electronic devices. Some electrical products, like passive switch boxes, also use PCBs technology.

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Electronics 360: Combat Obsolete, End-of-Life Components

Faster, smaller, better, and more secure technology. However, every coin has two sides and, in this case, faster, more compact, and more secure and efficient technology triggers some unfortunate challenges. Recently, we discussed a major obstacle in the electronics supply chain: component obsolescence and its contributing factors. As a whole, engineers are consistently combating obsolete, end-of-life (EOL) components. Short consumer product life cycles and general weakness in the global market have increased the speed at which components are becoming obsolete. When parts’ demand decreases, manufacturers reduce the rate at which they produce those parts. This is part of the motivation behind part termination.