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ELE Times: Manufacturing in India for the Last 5 Years

Vipin Chauhan, ACM, Sales and Business Development, NMTronics is quite bullish about Indian manufacturing prowess. He said, "Yes, indeed it was way too much expected out of new government formation in 2014, because of their leadership's style of working. Not everything expected has been achieved but many appreciable initiatives have been taken during their tenure  to ensure expected is achieved. The most important initiative is "Make it India." This isn't just an initiative, but also an intent what this government wanted during their tenure of five years, which has taken India into limelight thereby showcasing it as Global Manufacturing Hub. With right decisions and policy frame works drawn to attract foreign investments, to promote local manufacturing and to indigenization of products, have made strong foundation for years to come. This can be witnessed by the Chinese and other foreign investors foraying and setting up their plants in India. They've realized the power of real potential in India, as their own country is getting expensive day by day. With economical man power and incentives of capital investments have drawn them to India, as prime destination. This whole process hasn't just increased the numbers of jobs available but also exposed our human resource with global standard of manufacturing."

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Auto Parts Asia: Effects of India’s New AIS 140 Policy

India’s new Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 140 is designed to revolutionize and innovate the public transportation system in India. Under these standards, all Indian public transit would need to have a GPS tracker. This allows for better control of the individual units and the system as a whole. In fact, every commercial vehicle would be outfitted with a tracker. These trackers would work in real time and must include an emergency button that would be able to notify authorities in the event of an accident. The new guidelines were announced in November 2016 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The Indian government gave all commercial vehicles a deadline of April 2019 to enforce the new requirements. The standards affect ambulances, private buses, public cars, rental cars, school buses, and taxis.

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Automotive Electronics: Is India a Sleeping Giant?

Syrma’s CEO Sreeram Srinivasan was invited to deliver the welcome address at the Confederation of India Industry (CII) 3rd Edition Conference on Automotive Electronics held on December 7th.  Attended by notable leaders of the India electronics community, this one-day forum spotlighted the nation’s expanding role among global automotive industries. Srinivasan noted the automotive sector’s substantial role