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Electronics Maker: Syrma Opens New Bawal Manufacturing Facility

Syrma Technology, a leading Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) service provider based in San Jose and Chennai, today announced the launch of its latest and fifth manufacturing plant at Bawal, located in the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor. Built with an investment commitment of US $10 million in 3 years down the line, this new plant is designed to fortify Syrma’s market position among high-demand electronic markets within India, including automotive, aerospace, defense, healthcare, and industrial.


New Indian Express: Female Employees on Syrma’s Assembly Line

Kamakshi sits comfortably folding copper coils in jet speed in the assembly line that makes intelligent toothbrushes for export. The air-conditioned manufacturing unit resembles a corporate office. Beside her stands a woman labor officer, keen to keep mix-ups at bay. Syrma Technology’s manufacturing unit in Tambaram, Chennai, employs nearly 1,780 workers, of which 1,403 are women. The company, part of the Tandon Group, co-develops connected products like smart toothbrushes and connected surgical cotton swabs, among others, for the export market.