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Power Supply Product for Mobile Phone Base Stations

A recent client needed a power supply product that could stream clean, uninterrupted power to mobile phone base stations. These base stations were installed in areas where power was often unreliable, experiencing surges, fluctuations, and noise that could severely disrupt the proper functioning of the base unit and cause disruptions to the mobile network or damage to the base station itself.


Since providing a stable mobile network was key to the brand’s reputation, we had to ensure that every power supply product the client received would provide steady power with the right current and voltage. As a turnkey manufacturing partner, we took responsibility for the design, suitability, and overall performance of the product, including developing the testing process necessary to validate the product against the client’s specifications.


Our test engineering team analyzed the product features and developed a plan to test high volumes of the product within the production environment, working with the client to ensure a high quality was achieved and key objectives were met. The key to supplying high-volume, high-quality projects is extensive testing. However, with thousands of units being shipped each month, testing each one individually by hand would be impossible, and testing random selections wouldn’t produce the necessary quality level for every product shipped. The solution involved creating a test rack that could test as many as a thousand products at a time, checking every parameter they produced against pre-approved targets and generating an error for any products that failed.

By taking on the burden of developing the complete test plan and using it to deliver a reliable product, the client was able to better focus on product development and other core parts of their business. Often this extensive level of testing is performed at the client’s end, meaning they’d have had to set engineering resources aside to design their own testing setup, costing them both time and money. We employ a team of test engineers who specialize in creating industrial-scale test racks and the software necessary to automate the testing, allowing the process to be done quicker and more efficiently.


The client received high-quality power supply products that delivered the correct levels of power to the mobile base stations, increasing network stability. Because we tested the products in-house the time to market was reduced and the project was scaled easily, with peak product delivery reaching 1 million units received by the client in a single month. The client was able to introduce their product to the market quicker, and offered a superior solution to the telecom network and service providers, boosting their business and helping them increase their market share. As the business relationship expanded, cooperation between our engineers and those of the client increased. We were asked to develop a test setup for the client to help their engineer’s debug issues found during the product development cycle. By the end of the project, we had become an invaluable partner and a key part of the client’s strategy.

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Syrma TechnologyPower Supply Product for Mobile Phone Base Stations

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