Syrma Technology
Product Lifecycle Support

Full-Service Design & Manufacturing

Syrma delivers end-to-end electronics product development —design, fabrication, scalable manufacturing, and QA testing—for OEMs across the globe. From iconic brands to ambitious startups, OEMs turn to Syrma for world-class OEM precision electronics manufacturing—from concept refinement to optimized design-for-manufacturing through long-term production. We provide efficient, cost-competitive materials sourcing, 360° prototyping, build-to-print services, and comprehensive QA test development. Our team will evaluate design robustness, manufacturability, and other key attributes. We have a top-notch production infrastructure, with ample resources among our multiple locations within India.

Our comprehensive process gets your product designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured, and distributed as efficiently as possible to optimize your ROI and lower your costs. Our end-to-end electronic manufacturing services include board and box builds, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), metal/plastics sourcing & fabrication, and complete product assembly. We’ll rework, repair, refurbish, and re-engineer your used products via our aftermarket services. Our state-of-the-art equipment and IPC certified operators ensure products are quickly restored to like-new condition.

Electronic Design Innovation

Electronic design innovation can be the difference between a product that gets to market and one that redefines the market. Syrma delivers rapid design for manufacturing, assembly, testing, cost, and additional key metrics as required. Our product specialists in India and the United States provide innovative product solutions to our customers. As a trusted and flexible collaboration partner, we help transform customers’ original concepts into winning leading-edge products.

Syrma develops products right the first time, delivering world-class engineering design services. Our talented electronic design team responds to every customer’s unique challenges with innovative solutions that provide a competitive edge, leveraging our product expertise and deep knowledge of the markets we serve. Industries we specialize in include industrial, medical, and telecom. We provide a full product lifecycle solution, accelerating your product design cycles without compromising intellectual property or market position.

We conduct a design feasibility study and provide a cross-functional team review via our stage gate New Product Introduction (NPI) process, as well as comprehensive supplier qualification. Each manufacturing project has a dedicated point-of-contact and a customer advocate on the factory floor. We manage supply chain coordination, forecast management, and production planning. We also offer outbound and reverse logistics management, custom tailored repair services, end-of-life product cycle management, and warranty repair for each product.

Product Design

We make your product development—from the drawing board to the marketplace—easy. Our process gets your product designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured, and distributed in the best possible way to give you an extreme edge over competitors with the best possible ROI to save you time and money.


Syrma’s talented designers will collaborate with your team to create products based on your specifications, within an objective framework. We use proven turnkey methodologies to reduce costs and ensure all objectives are met, as well as maintain existing product functionality and quality.


We use modern equipment and IPC-certified operators to ensure our work is done correctly and quickly. Our rework service provides analysis and repair of printed circuit boards (PCB), ball grid array (BGA), embedded firmware, and components; we re-test to ensure they return to original functionality.


Our electronic re-engineering team focuses on improving a product to retain its competitive market share. We analyze a wide variety of electronic products and provide innovative design enhancements and updates. We’re able to analyze a wide variety of products and provide a local solution.

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