Electronic Design & Engineering Service

Collaborative Electronic Design & Engineering

We use a collaborative blend of electronic design and engineering services. Our process gets your product designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured, and distributed in the best possible way to give you an extreme edge over your competitors and the best possible return on investment.


Imagine it. Realize it. We make your product development from concept to market a snap. Our electronic design and engineering service focuses on creating a leading-edge product that meets your defined product and market criteria. Our engineers work with your team within an objective framework using proven turnkey product development methodologies.

Reduce Cost

Be it a new product or a redesign, our years of experience and “lessons learnt” approach ensures cost objectives are met without compromising product functionality or quality. The consultative approach reduces risk through the development lifecycle leading to a predictable and successful product launch.

Fast to Market

As a full service electronic design and manufacturing partner, we enable fast turnaround through the design iteration phase into prototype and leading into mass production. It ensures our customers stay competitive in their market. Our electronics manufacturing expertise compliments product design and enables us to leverage economies of scale.

Innovative Electronic Design

Electronic design innovation can be the difference between a product that gets to market and one that defines the market. To optimize design as early as possible, Syrma offers design for manufacturing, assembly, testing, cost, and others. We have teams in India and the United States providing innovative product solutions to our customers. As a trusted and flexible collaboration partner, we help transform customers’ innovative designs into winning products.

Industry Design Experience

Syrma develops products right the first time, providing stellar engineering design services. We understand the challenges our customers face. Our talented electronic design team responds to these challenges with innovative solutions that provide our customers with a competitive edge, leveraging our product expertise and deep knowledge of the markets we serve. Industries we specialize in include Industrial, Medical, and Telecom. We provide a full product lifecycle solution, shrinking your product design cycles without compromising your intellectual property or market position.

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