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Syrma Re-Engineers OEM Vehicle Safety Lighting Systems

A major global OEM of safety lighting systems experienced ongoing problems with their existing manufacturing vendor, quality issues, as well as staggering months behind their agreed-upon production schedule. The company sought a fresh start with a more reliable contract manufacturing partner for their next major project: re-engineering their aging line of vehicle lighting components to achieve a stronger foothold in that market. Realizing the advantages of India’s emerging manufacturing economy, they established a formal evaluation process among several of that country’s prominent electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers.


The client sought an EMS partner who could accomplish these specific objectives:

  • Flexibility to manage a high-mix and low-to-mid-volume product line
  • BOM cost reduction
  • Replace obsolete through-hole designs with contemporary SMT architecture
  • Engineering and manufacturing expertise to deliver reliable products that withstand harsh environmental conditions, including passing underwater submersion testing for extended time periods

During the initial meeting process with potential vendors, the company eliminated those who appeared unprepared or less interested in winning the account. The list of candidates whittled down to two finalists: us and a company in South India. The ultimate decision would be determined via a virtual contest, a trial engineering/production project assigned to each company. The superior result would land the permanent account.


We positioned our ample resources toward tackling the client’s challenges, assigning a dedicated program manager to personally oversee product development. Our ECAD/MCAD team developed advanced form-fit-function solutions that improved upon the client’s original product designs. Also, the waterproofing requirements were quickly solved after our engineers suggested stronger glue bonding in the board assemblies, one of much innovative design for manufacturability (DFM) process improvements. Our existing supply chain ecosystem and internal vendor qualification process ensured each supplier adhered to ISO-9000 guidelines, resulting in a speedier manufacturing process at significant cost savings.


Over an accelerated three-month timeframe, we outperformed our competition, impressing the client with a solid value proposition that best fit their needs. After this successful trial, we’d similarly revamp the client’s full vehicle product line, approximately 30 individual SKUs. By providing innovative design and cost-efficient production, we’ve proven to be the perfect choice for custom EMS services.

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Syrma TechnologySyrma Re-Engineers OEM Vehicle Safety Lighting Systems

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