RFID Application Systems

RFID applications designed for every track and trace

We bring together tags, readers and asset management software to address business solutions in asset tracking, product authentication, geo-location, and time tracking. Our asset tracking systems and solutions can be customized to solve unique vertical industry challenges.

Medical instrument tracking

RFID health care technologies allow hospitals to track assets and monitor patients, automate payments and increase profitability. Syrma Technology protects the public and health care systems.

Bike sharing

Dozens of cities. Thousands of bikes. Millions of people. How do you track it all? Syrma Technology tags, readers and software makes bike sharing possible.

Product authentication & inventory tracking

How do you stop a $1.7BIL counterfeiting problem with everything from toys to luxury goods? Protect your brand from the factory floor to your valued customers with Syrma Technology’s RFID tags, readers and asset management software.

Animal identification & food tracking

A unique animal identification system protects the public by tracking live stock from birth to harvest. Syrma Technology tags, readers and software makes safe food possible.

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