Electronic Re-Engineering Service

Experienced Electronic Re-Engineering & Design

Syrma’s 40 years of electronic re-engineering experience spans multiple verticals. We analyze a wide variety of electronic products and provide innovative design improvements and updates. Our electronic re-engineering service focuses on improving a product to meet your defined market criteria.

Localizing Electronics in India

Lead time is the primary factor driving the localization of electronics in India. We have several years of electronic re-engineering experience and work with a wide range of industries. We’re able to analyze a wide variety of products and provide a local solution.

Customizing Electronic Products

We manufacture electronic products according to the specific needs of our customers. We can convert your requirements based upon functional and electrical specifications, then proceed towards production.

Designed for Manufacturing

Our extensive engineering resources will enhance your in-house design team by delivering timely and cost-conscious solutions to match your unique specifications.

Faster Turnaround Time

We enable fast product turnaround through the redesign iteration phase into prototype and leading into mass production.

Reduced Inventory

We’re able to quickly produce your products based upon your demand to limit the need for extra inventory and storage.

Cost Rationalization

We ensure your cost objectives are met without compromising the functionality or quality of your products.

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