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Creating Proprietary End-of-Line PCB Test Equipment

Boosting our Q&A a notch above common industry standards, such as in-line ICT/MDA checks and optical/x-ray inspections, we developed a proprietary end-of-line functional tester from scratch, fabricating the external hardware and control panels, internal circuitry, and operating software. This tester is used for our PCB and OEM product builds, ensuring top quality for every unit shipped to our clients, while anticipating performance and reliability under real-world field conditions.


We incorporated a bed-of-nails fixture for testing and overall function of standalone PCBs, as well as an additional custom-designed flexible probe apparatus for checking the same boards following conformal coating protection and installation inside a finished product unit. This tester can be configured to simulate anticipated operating conditions in the field, ensuring optimal performance under the most extreme parameters.

Our end-of-line tester successfully conducts and records comprehensive quality checks for relays, sensors, and other critical components, including: block switches, commercial & fuel selector; blower, ignition, pump, & solenoid relays; blower PWM; display icons; flame, flow, leak, & temperature sensors; speed feedback; and water valve.


After deployment on our production floor, our homegrown end-of-line test equipment has proven to be an invaluable added measure for maintaining our Test Requirement Specifications (TRS), which we jointly establish with every client. As an added service, we’ve also loaned duplicate tester units to clients for onsite QA checks at the point of delivery. 

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Syrma TechnologyCreating Proprietary End-of-Line PCB Test Equipment