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The Hindu: The Holy Grail of Gender Balance

More and more companies are waking up to the advantage of having a workforce that’s marked by equal participation of men and women. At first glance, the production floor at Syrma Technology in Chennai appears ...

An Edge for Women Employees on Syrma’s Assembly Line

CHENNAI: Kamakshi sits comfortably folding copper coils in jet speed in the assembly line that makes intelligent toothbrushes for export. The air-conditioned manufacturing unit resembles a corporate office. Beside her stands a woman labor officer, ...

Embedded RFID Tags Track Dentures at Nursing Homes

Dental prosthetics maker Nobilium is providing an RFID-enabled denture identification system aimed at helping nursing facilities to meet regulatory standards for denture care, while also ensuring that false teeth are never inadvertently given to the wrong patient. With RFID technology ...

How to Combat Obsolete, End-of-Life Components

Faster, smaller, better, more secure and more connected technology. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But every coin has two sides and, in this case, faster, more compact, and more secure and efficient technology triggers some unfortunate ...

Industry Leaders Discuss IoT in Electronics Manufacturing at IEW 2017

Several industry stalwarts and senior officials of the Indian government gathered at India Electronics Week 2017 in Bengaluru to celebrate the achievements of India’s electronics industry. The three-day mega event, conducted by the EFY Group ...

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    • Syrma Technology Wins 43rd ELCINA-EFY Exports/Medium Scale Award
    • New Bawal Manufacturing Facility Serves India’s Electronics Market
    • New Eco-Friendly Inverter Controller Boards for Air Conditioners
    • Syrma Technology & Nobilium Co-Develop an RFID Denture Identification Solution
    • Syrma Technology Receives Top Prize for Quality at 2016-17 ELCINA-EFY
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