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OEM Quality for Internal Pollution Monitor Assemblies

Since 2016, one notable client has been one of the world’s leading brands of industrial energy and environmental technologies. Their vast product catalog includes a line of stand-alone electronic monitors essential for controlling pollutants emitted within power facilities. Backed by the company’s long-standing reputation for reliability, the useful life of these units in power plants has typically extended to 10 years or longer. With the goal of lowering manufacturing costs, and raising pricing margins, without impacting quality, the company sought a new turnkey manufacturing partner, who could successfully duplicate the internal PCBA design and outer housings of their existing pollution monitor products. Building upon our stellar track record of OEM electronics manufacturing services, we proved to be the ideal choice.


The client’s exacting specifications demanded that the units maintained the look-and-feel of their existing monitor products, materials, and OEM branding, while the internal PCBA boards maintain their renowned reliability for many years of use under a full spectrum of operating conditions. As these products are distributed to users worldwide, manufacturing needed to comply with ISO 9001 and other international quality standards.


Leveraging our considerable resources, we rapidly scaled the production of one of the client’s three monitor products as an initial trial. Working within their specifications, we duplicated the custom metals of the unit’s outer housing, with a flawless powder-coat finish and silkscreened branding and graphics. During the manufacture and installation of the internal PCBA boards, we applied a conformal coating to the boards for optimal durability. Our manufacturing process concluded with comprehensive quality checks via custom-developed system-level testing to assure an exceptional QA rate, superior to typical OEM vendors. Finally, we redeveloped custom packaging to efficiently ship the monitor and all included accessories for a complete end-to-end product build at significant cost savings.


Impressed with our combination of manufacturing efficiency with outstanding quality, the client soon expanded our partnership to include manufacturing their full line of internal pollution monitors. We continue to ship steady quantities of these products to keep pace with demand from utility industries around the globe.

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Syrma TechnologyOEM Quality for Internal Pollution Monitor Assemblies

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