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As a magnetics manufacturer, we provide high-volume custom magnetic assemblies and magnetic products. Our advanced and scalable production enables us to meet customer requirements on cost and performance. Our magnetic components find applications in lighting, communication, consumer electronics, home appliances, defense, automotive and computers.

The core materials used ranges from silicon iron, nickel alloys, metallic glass, cobalt alloys and ferrite to powdered iron. Construction ranges from few turns to large number of turns with magnet wires, tefzel wires and litz wires. Most windings are automatically wound on bobbins constructed from thermoplastic or thermoset materials. Bobbins offer excellent ground insulation, the most effective use of window area and the greatest amount of control for through hole or surface mounting.

As experts on material sourcing, we’re always trying to reduce costs by validating alternate sources.

Types of Magnetics Products


We manufacture various types of transformers.

  • Signal Transformers
  • Impendance Matching Transformers
  • Pot Core / RM Transformers
  • Ferrite / Metal Powder / Nano-crystalline E Core Transformers (other geometries EI / EF / ER / EFD / EP)
  • High Frequency Torodial Transformers

Ferrite Core Transformers

Manganese-Zinc type ferrite core transformers are used for a wide variety of communication and power applications such as switching power supplies, filters, converters and inverters, adjustable inductors, and other high frequency applications.

Electrical Characteristics

Ferrite cores have low eddy current losses over a wide frequency range, high permeability, and excellent temperature stability. Our ferrite core transformers are typically produced up to 500W with typical frequency up to 300KHz. We manufacture both through hole and SMD type transformers.

Physical Characteristics

Ferrite cores are available in many shapes including E, EC, EP, ETD, PC (pot), PQ, RM, RS (slab), rods, TC (toroidal), and U.


Used in low frequency power supplies as filter chokes, filter circuits, common mode chokes, noise suppression, and high frequency power supplies.

Our products include:

  • Fixed Inductors
  • Shielded Inductors
  • Torodial Inductors
  • Air Core
  • Powdered Iron Core
  • Ferrite Core
  • Common Mode
  • Power Line Chokes / Filters

Electrical Characteristics

Our inductors can be designed to operate over a wide range of frequencies, input voltages, and inductance values.

Mechanical Characteristics

Inductors can be varnish impregnated, molded or potted with epoxy in an enclosure. Inductors are available with fly leads, PCB pins, solder terminals, or screw terminals. Many standard mounting styles are also available.

Inductor Coils

Our inductor coil products include:

  • Cooktops
  • Industrial heating applications

Magnetics Applications

Our magnetics products have found applications in broad industry segments:

  • Test and instrumentation
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial products
  • Factory automation
  • Aerospace & Defense

Design Engineering

Our engineering team draws on its 20+ years of experience at the forefront of analog design and manufacturing to ensure a streamlined approach from prototyping to high volume production.

The design process includes detailed requirements gathering and documentation, process validation, FMEA, APQP, alternate material sourcing and a production plus quality control plan. Custom development of bobbins and other plastics as well as tooling up any associated metal parts for complete assembly is also part of the comprehensive design cycle. Every design stage validates against cost, performance and quality targets to ensure a finished product that meets your requirements.

Turnkey Magnetics Manufacturing Operations

We operate two facilities in India with capabilities in magnetics manufacturing. This includes a dedicated 30,000 square foot facility ideally situated in the technology corridor between Bengaluru and Chennai. Our facilities are ISO certified and manufacture products to WW safety standards including UL, CSA and VDE.

In addition to extensive experience in working with various composite materials and wire sizes, our manufacturing team comprises of 400 members and specialize in wide ranging manufacturing processes including epoxy potting, UV curing, laser marking and conformal coating.

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