Magnetic Transformers

Magnetic Transformers

Magnetic transformers are essential for the transmission, distribution, and utilization of alternating current electrical energy, via electromagnetic induction. They’re commonly used for regulating alternating voltage in electric power applications. Syrma manufactures a full line of electromagnetic transformers:

  • Signal transformers
  • Impendance matching transformers
  • Pot core/RM transformers
  • Ferrite/metal powder/nano-crystalline E core transformers
  • Other geometries EI/EF/ER/EFD/EP
  • High-frequency toroidal transformers

High-frequency transformer SKU# ST493


Ferrite cores have low eddy current losses over a wide-frequency range, high permeability, and excellent temperature stability. Our ferrite core transformers are typically produced up to 500W with typical frequency up to 300KHz. We manufacture both through-hole and SMD type transformers.


Ferrite cores are available in many shapes including E, EC, EP, ETD, PC (pot), PQ, RM, RS (slab), rods, TC (toroidal), and U.

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