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Precision components for any magnetics application

As a high volume magnetics manufacturer, we provide a full range of custom magnetic assemblies and magnetic products. Our advanced and scalable production resources enable us to meet your cost and performance specifications. Our magnetic components — transformers, inductors, and chokes, are key elements of lighting, communication, consumer electronics, home appliances, defense, automotive and computers.


Our ferrite core transformers are produced up to 500W with frequency up to 300KHz. We manufacture both through hole and SMD type transformers.

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Our inductors can be designed to operate over a wide range of frequencies, input voltages, and inductance values.

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Magnetic chokes are relied upon to protect circuits from high-frequency alternating current (AC) while allowing low-frequency direct current (DC).

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How we do it

Our engineering team draws upon 20+ years of experience at the forefront of analog design and manufacturing to ensure a streamlined end-to-end product cycle, from prototyping and testing through high-volume production.

Core materials used in magnetics include silicon iron, nickel alloys, metallic glass, cobalt alloys and ferrite to powdered iron. Construction of coil devices varies widely in number of turns of magnet, tefzel and litz wires. Most windings are automatically wound on thermoplastic or thermoset bobbins, which offer excellent ground insulation, the most effective use of window area and the greatest amount of control for through hole or surface mounting.

Our localized supply-chain ecosystem enables us to constantly seek lower costs among trusted suppliers.

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