Magnetic Inductors

Magnetic Inductors

Magnetic inductors are used in low-frequency power supplies as filter chokes, filter circuits, common mode chokes, noise suppression, and high frequency power supplies. Syrma offers the following inductors:

  • Fixed inductors
  • Shielded inductors
  • Torodial inductors
  • Air core
  • Powdered iron core
  • Ferrite core
  • Common mode
  • Power line chokes/filters

Inductor with rod core SKU# ST470


Our inductors can be designed to operate over a wide range of frequencies, input voltages, and inductance values.


Inductors can be varnish impregnated, molded, or potted with epoxy in an enclosure. Inductors are available with fly leads, PCB pins, solder terminals, or screw terminals. Many standard mounting styles are also available.

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