Magnetics Applications

Our magnetics products have found applications in broad industry segments

Syrma Technology’s magnetics components and assemblies span a broad range of markets–from common household products to heavy industry to leading-edge applications and beyond. Global OEMs rely upon Syrma’s collaborative design process, cost-effective assembly and rigid quality control for performance their competitors simply can’t match.

Industrial products

Syrma provides standard and custom magnetic components spanning wide range of industrial applications. From heavy-duty inductors and transformers to chokes and coils, Syrma magnetic products are engineered for optimal performance and manufactured to deliver unsurpassed quality and reliability.

Defense and aerospace

In today’s world of mission-critical military and aerospace applications, failure is never an option. Syrma ranks among the top suppliers of magnetic components and assemblies relied upon by international defense contractors and aerospace OEMs, designed and crafted to meet precise ISO and MIL-SPEC standards.

Home appliances

Magnetic components are essential elements of many modern household appliances. Magnetic coils regulate temperatures of toasters, refrigerators and induction cooktops, while electromagnetic motors power washing machines, dishwashers and hair dryers. Syrma quality is at the heart of trusted name-brand products.


Syrma supplies a wide range of top-quality magnetic components for the telecom industry, including transformers and common mode chokes. Commonly used in analog, radio and satellite receivers, magnetic elements also shield commercial landlines from static interference created by nearby power lines or protection from lightning strikes.

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