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RFID Tags for Mobile DNA Analysis Instrument

Modern DNA science has revolutionized law enforcement and military field operations, revealing, with all-but-indisputable accuracy, the identities of criminals or terrorists, or quickly exonerating the innocent, as well as correctly identifying human remains. Where such pinpoint analysis once took extensive testing by trained lab technicians, one U.S.-based company has developed a mobile, self-contained DNA analysis instrument. This device enables non-technical personnel at the scene to analyze and record full DNA profiles, from human blood or tissue samples or swabs from previously handled items such as drinking glasses, cell phones, or even chewing gum or cigarette butts. This game-changing innovation reduces the timeframe of DNA identification from days or weeks at the lab to as little as two hours in the field.


A key element of this automated solution is the incorporation of RFID tracking technology. Scannable tags are embedded into the caps of vials holding individual DNA test samples, matching those original containers to the final test results. These tags not only need to meet rigorous performance specifications, but also protect subjects’ personal data in accordance with HIPAA and other government regulations. The company turned to us for custom development of these essential components.


We were initially referred to this client by another supplier, one of America’s leading microchip manufacturers, based on prior collaborative successes. Having designed the handheld reader hardware that scanned the vials, they sought embedded tags that would seamlessly integrate with that equipment with quality and long-term reliability for both police and military users. Following careful consideration of the client’s specifications, our engineering team recommended a 10×1.6 mm ISO 15693 tag encased in a flat, circular epoxy housing which could be easily embedded into the lids of the sample vials, specially tested for compatibility with the existing reader chipset for optimal performance.


After we offered competitive pricing estimates, thanks largely to the cost-conscious advantages of our long-established supplier ecosystem, the client green-lighted initial production runs of 200-piece quantities, keeping pace with their own factory production.

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