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Product Design Services

Collaborative Product Design

We make your product development—from the drawing board to the marketplace—a snap, using a collaborative blend of electronics design and engineering expertise. Our process gets your product designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured, and distributed in the best possible way to give you an extreme edge over competitors with the best possible return on investment. Syrma designers will collaborate with your in-house team to create products based on your criteria and using an objective framework.

We use proven turnkey methodologies to reduce costs and ensure all objectives are met, as well as establish the highest possible product functionality and overall quality. This approach reduces risk and enables predictable and successful launches that are fast to market. During design iteration, we provide fast turnaround and effectively manage prototyping through mass production. Our expertise complements product design and leverages economies of scale.

Innovative Electronic Design

Electronic product innovation can be the difference between a product that gets to market and one that redefines the market. Syrma delivers rapid design for manufacturing, assembly, testing, cost, and additional key metrics as required. Our product specialists in India and the United States provide innovative product solutions to our customers. As a trusted and flexible collaboration partner, we help transform customers’ original concepts into winning leading-edge products.

We conduct a feasibility study and provide a cross-functional team review via our stage gate New Product Introduction (NPI) process, as well as comprehensive supplier qualification. Each manufacturing project has a dedicated point-of-contact and a customer advocate on the factory floor. We manage supply chain coordination, forecast management, and production planning. We also offer outbound and reverse logistics management, custom tailored repair services, end-of-life product cycle management, and warranty repair for each product.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Process:

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