Providing the right magnetic components for you

Precision magnetics are essential for everyday devices and systems, from home appliances and consumer electronics to lighting, vehicles, aircraft, solar technology, factory automation and computers of all sizes.

Beyond our full line of standard magnetic components, Syrma Technology provides custom design and high-volume manufacturing of complete magnetic assemblies. Thanks to our advanced production methods at scalable volumes, Syrma regularly delivers superior performance at lower costs.

What we do


We provide full product lifecycle management—from design and prototype testing through materials sourcing, high volume manufacture and quality control.

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See our full line of electromagnetic components and assemblies, including transformers, inductors, coils and chokes, custom designed to your specifications.

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Magnetic components are essential for filtering or regulating current in electric circuits, powering everyday products spanning multiple industries.

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Let Syrma help you with your custom magnetics applications.Contact us to schedule a call.

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