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Based in San Jose, California and Chennai, India, Syrma is part of the Tandon Group, with a 40-year legacy of developing quality technology products. Specializing in high-mix, flexible volume precision global OEM manufacturing, we’ve cultivated an extensive supply ecosystem to keep material costs as low as possible. Since we manufacture in India with minimal reliance on costly additional imports, we offer distinct advantages in lead time, quality, and production flexibility within cost-conscious objectives of our global customers. We’ve regularly met global OEM standards for numerous specialized electronics products, including disk drives, memory modules, power supplies/adapters, DC motors, fiber optic assemblies, RFID tags, magnetics, and a wide range of specialized components. Our state-of-the-art 120,000 square foot flagship facility in Chennai has been previously qualified by multiple global name-brand OEMs – 100% RoHS compliant and fully certified for international quality standards: ISO 9001/ISO 13485/ISO 14001/BS OHSAS 18001/IATF 16949. Taking full advantage of our location within a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), our facility is also adjacent to major air and sea ports for convenient worldwide shipping. Our team consists of over 1,000-line employees, 50 engineers, 70 administrative staff, and 20 managers.

Your Manufacturing Partner

We’re uniquely positioned to assist global OEMs to fully capitalize on opportunities presented by India’s expanding domestic market. We’ve identified strategic locations to develop and bring online world-class infrastructure within government-incentivized locations. These SEZs and IT parks are designed to support our facilities, along with infrastructure provided by our partners to ensure time to market. In addition to our advantages as a global manufacturing partner, we help our customers successfully introduce products and services into the lucrative Indian domestic market. Our management team is extensively engaged with both industry and government leaders in India, leveraging these long-time relationships to assist OEMs navigate unfamiliar or complex sales channels to enable mutual success. We’ve developed an infrastructure that’s uniquely positioned to assist global customers to explore opportunities presented by India’s vast technology markets.

Benefits of Our SEZ Location

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