Case Studies

Designing Proprietary End-of-Line Test Equipment for PCBs

Background Boosting our Q&A a notch above common industry standards, such as in-line ICT/MDA checks and optical/x-ray inspections, we developed a proprietary end-of-line functional tester from scratch, fabricating the external hardware and control panels, internal circuitry, and operating software. This tester is used for our PCB and OEM product builds, ensuring top quality for every unit

Designing Custom-Made Switched Mode Power Supplies

Background One of our recent clients is a European switched mode power supplies (SMPS) manufacturer that designs power supplies for niche applications. Their products are custom-made and meet the specific electrical, mechanical, and certification requirements of each customer. All involved international safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards are considered. Challenges Originally, the

RFID Tags for Mobile DNA Analysis Instrument

Background Modern DNA science has revolutionized law enforcement and military field operations, revealing, with all-but-indisputable accuracy, the identities of criminals or terrorists, or quickly exonerating the innocent, as well as correctly identifying human remains. Where such pinpoint analysis once took extensive testing by trained lab technicians, one U.S.-based company has developed a mobile, self-contained DNA

OEM Quality for Internal Pollution Monitor Assemblies

Background Since 2016, one notable client has been one of the world’s leading brands of industrial energy and environmental technologies. Their vast product catalog includes a line of stand-alone electronic monitors essential for controlling pollutants emitted within power facilities. Backed by the company’s long-standing reputation for reliability, the use life of these units in power

RFID Tags for Industrial Safety Harness Equipment

Background The safety products division of a Fortune 100 multinational conglomerate produces a brand line of industrial safety harnesses, designed to secure users against falls from bridges, oil rigs, scaffolding, or other elevated work areas. In addition to real-time tracking of this essential equipment, such as assigned user and current location, US OSHA standards require

Designing Sensors for Dental Digital Imaging Systems

Syrma is able to offer incredible value on the design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of electronics products through a combination of high production standards and more than three decades of experience. Projects can often be modified to help meet a client’s budget, without compromising on the ‘must-have’ features that make the product desirable in a...

Re-Engineering Induction Elements for Cooktops

Background An iconic global brand of household appliances sought a new OEM manufacturing partner for their induction cooktop coil assemblies and controller subsystems, following a falling out with their existing offshore vendor. Looking to start anew with a more accountable, proactive EMS relationship, they considered us after reviewing our superior track record developing similar heating

Power Supply Product for Mobile Phone Base Stations

With 30 years of experience in precision manufacturing, Syrma Technology has built a reputation for delivering high-quality, high-volume electronics to industry-leading medical, automotive and telecom firms. Problem: A recent client needed a power supply product that could stream clean, uninterrupted power to mobile phone base stations. These base stations were installed in areas where power was...

RFID Tag & Custom Software for Denture Identification

Background A global dental prosthetics maker envisioned a new method for identifying and tracking dentures, from point of manufacture at the lab to end use among residents at nursing homes and other care facilities. While 23 U.S. states currently require some form of physical user identification on dentures, compliance has typically been very low. The