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BLDCs Improve Performance Compared to Brushed Motors

Manufacturers across the industrial and automotive sectors are rapidly migrating to brushless DC motors (BLDCs) for having a precisely controlled motor operation, improved performance, and less wear when compared with the conventional motors.

Growing Demand for Over-the-Air Device Charging

As our dependence on smartphones, laptops and, gadgets has increased in recent years, there's a commensurate dependence on the batteries as well. Wireless power transmission, without cords or charging mats has been a technology challenge for this domain for decades.

Emerging Wireless Lighting Connectivity Technology

Smartness and connectivity is the trend that's transforming the globe across every aspect of life. Lighting is one such technology that's undergoing such a transformation. Within a few years of inception, LED has become the dominant artificial light source and has taken over all the conventional light sources.

Harvesting Solar Energy to Power IoT Devices

indoor lighting sources. IoT devices can be powered by ambient indoor lighting with the help of highly efficient solar panels and a right-sized energy storage element added to the device.

Overcoming Wireless Charging Device Challenges

Wireless charging has the potential to transform our reliance on plug sockets thus enabling the devices to be constantly topped up with power in almost any location. It's also making in-roads in the healthcare, automotive, and manufacturing industries especially with IoT devices to get power many feet away from the charger.

Growing Demand for Smart Vending Machines

Vending machines aren't new, but they've seen high diversification in the use cases in recent times. The global vending machine market is growing at a CAGR of 13% and expected to reach over US$ 146.6 Bn. by 2027.

Smart IoT Air Conditioners Save Energy and Money

A smart air conditioner (AC) is one such that helps the user to monitor and control the AC from a remote location. Basically, it's connected with IoT hardware and it controls the air conditioner via infrared just like its remote function. The status of the air conditioner is communicated to the user interface such as a mobile app via cloud technology.

New Assistive Devices for the Disabled and Elderly

The rapidly evolving medical technologies have been assisting the elderly and people with disabilities (PWD) over the years. According to WHO, there are currently more than 2 billion disabled people in the world, and of this, 1.3 billion people are affected by some form of blindness and visual impairment. Furthermore, the rising elderly population also demands increased responsibility from the healthcare industry to assist them with the slowly debilitating disability.

Adopting Intelligent IoT Digital Healthcare Devices

Digital technologies are shaping the future of healthcare into an on-demand, affordable, and at-ease service. As the online healthcare marketplace makes it easy for patients to connect with physicians of required expertise at their own place and time, the new-gen healthcare devices in-turn provides physicians remote health status for efficient diagnosis.

Automotive ECUs, the Core for Connected Cars

With the increasing usage of electronics in automobiles for safety control, communication & infotainment, power train, and body electronics, the number of electronic control units (ECU) is increasing as well.