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Embedded PCB Technology for Small Mobile Devices

Printed circuit board (PCB) technology, or PCB, has become a vital part of modern electronic devices. The global market value for bare PCBs was over $60 billion in 2014 and is estimated to reach $79 billion by 2024. These figures show that PCBs will continue to grow in importance. Nowadays, PCB technology is used in everything, but the simplest electronic devices. Some electrical products, like passive switch boxes, also use PCBs technology.

Current Impact of United States-China Trade Relations

Since the beginning of 2019, China’s manufacturing sector has seen a net decrease, which began earlier last year. This is due in part to less exports and could mean that the Chinese economy is slowing down. The background trade war with the U.S. puts the manufacturing sector as well as other sectors at greater risk

Manufacturing Defect Analysis for Printed Circuit Boards

We offer a variety of turnkey electronic manufacturing services (EMS), such as defect analysis testing. Using a manufacturing defect analyzer (MDA) tool, we’re able to easily identify any existing manufacturing defects in printed circuit boards (PCB). This type of tool is a simplified version of the in-circuit test (ICT) and is designed to provide straightforward testing

Incorporating the Latest IoT Technology into Kitchens

With more options for smart devices these days, you may have been hearing references to smart homes. Maybe you’ve wondered what that means. Smart homes refer to homes that incorporate smart devices, not just for entertainment purposes, but into appliances themselves. For example, a smart home may have a thermostat that’s voice-activated or it might


Selecting the Best Regulated Power Supply for Electronics

When selecting a regulated power supply, you’ll need to know the electrical specifications required for a device, such as line regulation, as well as know how much power will be used for each application. Each device needs a different amount of output power (DC) to function and the power supply has to regulate the voltage,

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Designing Electromagnetic Components for Aerospace

Aerospace technologies have such unique demands that call for precision. This means that aerospace has developed, essentially, a separate field of magnetics that relies on many different electrical systems and components. Modern avionics integrates magnetic components in alternators, generators, inverters, rectifiers, and transformers to create and distribute electricity. Current and voltage convert this electricity to

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Selecting a Wireless Remote Home Security System

Nothing replaces the peace of knowing that your family and property are safe. Modern advances in security technology make protecting what matters simpler than ever. However, many security systems can be daunting to homeowners. Not only are many systems expensive, but they can also be difficult or invasive to install in a house. Installation manuals

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Using GPS & RFID Technologies for the Gas & Oil Industry

The gas and oil industry is currently facing pressure to become more efficient and this push only increases as global demand for oil continues to rise. However, while companies want to speed up processes, they don’t want to achieve this at the expense of accuracy or regulation, since improving efficiency while maintaining safety and meeting

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How Net-Zero Commercial Buildings Conserve Energy

Experts are paying more attention to energy efficiency in new construction projects. This is due to the dramatic rise in energy prices across the globe and a growing concern about climate change. Many highlight concerns stemming from transportation; however, commercial buildings are actually the greatest consumer of energy in the US. The top energy-consuming building


RFID Technology Tracks & Records Data about Animals

Farmers, ranchers, and other livestock professionals use RFID technology to track and record a variety of everyday data, such as how much a cow is being fed each day and how many male horses are on a ranch at a given time. And those applications are quickly expanding into new areas, including advanced record-keeping requirements