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Adoption of Intelligent Digital Healthcare Devices

Digital technologies are shaping the future of healthcare into an on-demand, affordable, and at-ease service. As the online healthcare marketplace makes it easy for patients to connect with physicians of required expertise at their own place and time, the new-gen healthcare devices in-turn provides physicians remote health status for efficient diagnosis.

Automotive ECUs, the Core for Connected Cars

With the increasing usage of electronics in automobiles for safety control, communication & infotainment, power train, and body electronics, the number of electronic control units (ECU) is increasing as well.

High-Speed Memory Devices for the Future

With the cost of data reducing rapidly and increasing the need for digitization, the global data generation is witnessed to take a new shape. The total amount of data created and duplicated globally is projected to cross over 150 Zettabytes (ZB) by 2024, over 2.52 times higher than in 2020.

IoT Communication Technologies for Smart Homes

Technology disruption has impacted our lives as it has never before and one such innovation is home automation. Home automation has evolved from smart appliances that have led to the development of integrated smart homes. It consists of four functional segments: lighting, security, audio/video & heating, ventilating & air conditioning (HVAC). The global smart homes

India’s Consumer Appliances & Electronics Market

India’s appliance and consumer electronics market is projected to double to reach $21.8B by 2025. The production of consumer electronics contributes to over 17% of total electronics produced in India.

Smart Energy Meters Monitor India’s Power Usage

Smart meters are truly a modern solution to the power sector and can play a pivotal role in improving the financial health of the Power Distribution Companies (DISCOMs). Smart meters can unlock a series of capabilities that improve billing efficiency such as automated remote billing services, outage reporting, flexible with time-of-use tariffs.

Expanding Global Market for Drone Technologies

Drones were originally designed for military applications. In recent times, they're being deployed in a wide range of civilian roles ranging from search and rescue, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, fire-fighting, etc.

India’s Readiness on EV Charging Infrastructure

Owing to rapidly evolving emission standards and the rise of fuel prices between 8 to 15%, the acquisition and operating cost of electric vehicles (EV) is expected to produce a downtrend of up to 4% for commercial EVs.