Case Studies

Xrays 823x315

Designing Sensors for Dental Digital Imaging Systems

We’re able to offer incredible value on the design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of electronics products through a combination of high production standards and experience. Projects can often be modified to help meet a client’s ...
Induction 823x315

Re-Engineering Electronic Elements for Induction Cooktops

An iconic global brand of household appliances sought a new OEM manufacturing partner for their induction cooktop coil assemblies and controller subsystems, following a falling out with their existing offshore vendor. Looking to start anew ...
Phone3 823x315

Power Supply Product for Mobile Phone Base Stations

A recent client needed a power supply product that could stream clean, uninterrupted power to mobile phone base stations. These base stations were installed in areas where power was often unreliable, experiencing surges, fluctuations, and ...

RFID Tag & Custom Software for Denture Identification

A global dental prosthetics maker envisioned a new method for identifying and tracking dentures, from point of manufacture at the lab to end-use among residents at nursing homes and other care facilities. While 23 U.S ...

Power Supply Enclosures Made in India for Sale in India

One of our recent clients is an emerging North American startup conceptualizing new uninterruptable power supply (UPS) enclosures, which are self-contained aluminum cabinets that ensure extended electrical availability in remote areas. They’re specifically targeting the ...
Camera 823x315

High-Quality Engineering for Camera Imaging Components

A global concept-to-product development services company sought an end-to-end manufacturing solution for the dense assembly of fine pitch components, including leadless packages and system-on-module (SOM) for use in embedded camera modules, USB camera boards, and ...

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