Syrma Technology Case Studies

Custom Developed End of Line PCB Functional Tester

In keeping with Syrma’s commitment to world-class design and manufacturing, we developed a proprietary end-of-line functional tester for our PCBA OEM products, ensuring top quality for every unit shipped to our customers, while anticipating performance ...

Applying High Quality Engineering and Production to Fine Pitch Imaging Components

Customer Background A global concept-to-product development services company sought end-to-end manufacturing solutions for dense assembly of fine pitch components, including leadless packages and system on module (SOM) for use in embedded camera modules, USB camera ...

Leveraging Syrma’s EMS Advantages to Successfully Re-engineer OEM Vehicle Safety Lighting Systems

Customer Background A major global OEM of safety lighting systems experienced nagging problems with their existing manufacturing vendor--quality issues as well as staggering months behind their agreed-upon production schedule. The company sought a fresh start ...

Reducing Product Cost Without Compromising on Essential Features

Syrma is able to offer incredible value on the design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of electronics products through a combination of high production standards and more than three decades of experience. Projects can often be ...

Increasing Quality in High-Volume Products

With 30 years of experience in precision manufacturing, Syrma Technology has built a reputation for delivering high-quality, high-volume electronics to industry-leading medical, automotive and telecom firms. Problem A recent client needed a power supply product ...

Reducing Product Cost Without Compromising on Quality by Moving Production to Local Markets

Syrma Technology set up local supply chains and manufacturing processes to reduce costs for businesses looking to launch their products in the Indian market. This reduction in manufacturing cost allowed Syrma's clients to stay competitive ...

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