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Global Business Development

Syrma has two manufacturing representatives located in the USA, one manages the Western and Central regions, and the other one is responsible for all East coast business. We also have one RFID specialist that manages all territories. There are two representatives in Europe and two in Asia. Please contact the representative in or close to your location.

Sytma-Paul Dahl

Paul Dahl Business Development Director, RFID

Paul has 40 years of manufacturing sales experience; he leads Syrma's RFID business development in the USA.

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Dustin Taylor Business Development Director, USA West

Dustin has 25 years of manufacturing experience; he leads Syrma’s Central and Western USA business development.

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Gary Barnier Business Development Director, USA East

Gary has 30 years of manufacturing operations experience, and leads Syrma's business development for Eastern USA.

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