BGA Repair & Rework Service

Experienced BGA Repair & Rework Engineers

Our engineers have refined traditional BGA repair & rework methodology to make the intricate process of rework repeatable, consistent and reliable. Our decades of experience keep us at the forefront of the latest package styles and techniques. We also offer full pad and trace repair services for boards with ball grid arrays (BGA), as well as process troubleshooting of BGAs for initial assembly.

Full Range of BGA Repair & Rework Services

Comprehensive BGA repair & rework services, including pad and trace repair for boards with BGAs, along with process troubleshooting of BGA issues during initial assembly. BGA services include BGA component removal, X-ray or optical verification, circuit design changes, etc.

Superior BGA Repair & Rework Quality

Our automated tracking systems automatically document every step-by-step detail of the BGA repair & rework process, such as subprocesses required, components replaced, and time stamping on unit packaging. All repair activity, including disassembly and reassembly, sequence of repair, and parts and subassemblies replaced is similarly tracked.

Interested in our BGA repair & rework service?

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