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Manufacturing Prowess in the Last Five Years in India

Vipin Chauhan, ACM, Sales and Business Development, NMTronics is quite bullish about Indian manufacturing prowess. He said, "Yes, indeed it was way too much expected out of new government formation in 2014, because of their leadership's style of working. Not everything expected has been achieved but many appreciable initiatives have been taken during their tenure  to ensure expected is achieved. The most important initiative is "Make it India." This isn't just an initiative, but also an intent what this government wanted during their tenure of five years, which has taken India into limelight thereby showcasing it as Global Manufacturing Hub. With right decisions and policy frame works drawn to attract foreign investments, to promote local manufacturing and to indigenization of products, have made strong foundation for years to come. This can be witnessed by the Chinese and other foreign investors foraying and setting up their plants in India. They've realized the power of real potential in India, as their own country is getting expensive day by day. With economical man power and incentives of capital investments have drawn them to India, as prime destination. This whole process hasn't just increased the numbers of jobs available but also exposed our human resource with global standard of manufacturing."

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Using Cleanrooms for Electronics Manufacturing

A tiny particle of dust on certain products can be very damaging, which is why OEMs cannot risk particulate contamination when it comes to manufacturing certain electronics like camera modules, night vision devices, and precision audio products. In fact, contaminated products cost electronics manufacturers millions of dollars each year, as well as leads to the

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The 5 Best Reflow Ovens in the Market

One of the most important constituents of a PCB Assembly line are reflow ovens. It is inside a reflow oven that the thermal processing of solder paste on PCBs take place. Reflow ovens come in almost shapes and sizes and are designed for both small and large scale operations. For large scale operations, which is our target sector in this particular story, the most commonly used reflow ovens are inline or conveyor belt ovens.