Product Assembly

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Electronic Product Assembly

Syrma provides printed circuit board (PCB), box build, and electromechanical assembly, as well as full-systems integration. There are multiple Fuji SMT lines at our main facility with a total placement capacity of 200K components/hour with 40-micron placement accuracy capable of 3-sigma. Components range from 0201 to BGA and uBGA & CSP up to 55 mm square; fine pitch placement down to 12 mil. We manufacture boards up to 500 x 450 mm with ceramic, flex, and rigid substrate board types. We also provide solder paste inspection (Koh Young, AOI, Vitrox) and wave soldering (Electrovert, Ersa, Seho), along with conformal manual and automatic coating with multi-nozzle spray and UV check chamber. We invest in state-of-the-art electronic product assembly equipment that provides optimal capacity utilization, passing savings in time and cost to our customers. Our PCBA manufacturing equipment includes: BGA repair station; manufacturing defect analyzer (TRI-518); placement machines (Fuji, Universal, Yamaha); reflow ovens (Electrovert, Heller); router/depanelizer (manual & automatic systems); screen printers (MPM Accuflex); and traceability software (Fuji Trax). Our facilities use a semi-clean room environment for optical sensors.

Our electromechanical capabilities include custom panels and electromechanical subassemblies via CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers with Amanda presses, press breaks, specialized bending machines, and turret punches. Additionally, we facilitate precision plastic molding and other processes, such as: electromechanical for CR, ferrous, HR, non-ferrous, pre-coated sheet, and aluminum materials with stamping (material thickness .25 to 9.98 mm and part size from 2 mm to 3 m). Casting and machining includes: pressure die casting in aluminum, mazak (zamak); hot or cold chamber die casting with part weight 1 to 500 gm or 1 by ½ m by volume. Surface treatment includes: anodizing process, electroplating (copper, silver, tin, and zinc), and powder coating.

We provide client support for subsystem and full-system integration. Our team conducts functional, HiPot, and system-level testing, as well as system configuration for unique specifications. All orders are ready for shipping with firmware and software loading, along with final configuration validation and testing. We provide commercial or custom packaging for specific clients. Products are shipped with accessories and manuals as required. We offer multiple shipping options: one-piece flow models for volume orders or one-off model for smaller order support. We provide both domestic and international drop ship.

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