Aftermarket Services

Specialized product maintenance and improvement

Syrma offers a full range of services to meet your aftermarket manufacturing needs. Our services eliminate the need for you to spend time or money on designing a replacement part or even doing a complete product redesign. We will rework, repair, refurbish and modify your electronic products for you. We also offer end-to-end engineering services to complement your in-house design team, delivering timely, cost-conscious solutions to match your unique specifications.


PCB manufacture and rework, including ball grid array (BGA). State-of-the-art equipment and IPC certified operators ensure our work is done quickly and correctly.

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Analysis and repair of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), embedded firmware and components. Re-test to ensure return to original out-of-the-box functionality.

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Internal or cosmetic replacement, such as adding or replacing circuits, and swapping mechanical components and outer casings.

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Comprehensive board modification, including circuit modification of outer and inner layers, drill, etch, fill and redrill of tooling holes.

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Certified technicians experienced in mainstream assembly and specialized processes

Syrma’s certified technicians are experienced in analyzing both mainstream assembly methods, such as surface mount and through-hole, as well as specialized processes, which include BGA reballing and leadless chip carrier rework. Our technicians are IPC 7711/7721 certified and highly experienced in custom design solutions for both mainstream assembly methods (surface mount and through-hole), as well as specialized processes, which include BGA rework and reballing, leadless chip carrier rework, PCB repair, CCA rework and jumper wire/white wire services.

Flawless QA via our custom-designed test equipment

Syrma provides flawless quality assurance (QA) via our custom-designed test equipment. Our failure analysis (FA) services pinpoint and correct root causes of electrical defects, by simulating real-world operating conditions for our PCBA and OEM product builds. Our testing uses a built-in bed-of-nails fixture for standalone PCBs, as well as an additional custom-designed flexible probe apparatus for checking boards following conformal coating protection and unit installation. Our equipment can be configured to simulate anticipated operating conditions in the field, ensuring optimal product performance, even under the most extreme parameters, and applies standard QA tests, such as in-line ICT/MDA checks and optical/x-ray inspections.

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