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Creative and cost efficient design, engineering and electronic manufacturing services

We specialize in collaboration. We partner with your team to help you create efficient electronic design, engineering and manufacturing solutions. This teamwork enables you to stay ahead of competitors while reducing product development costs and risk. Syrma Technology provides global OEMs unique partnership opportunities to deliver competitive electronic manufacturing services complemented by strong engineering expertise.


Imagine it. Realize it. We make your product development from concept to market a snap. Good electronic design is a key component.

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Syrma Technology’s electronic contract manufacturing services invest heavily in design, fabrication, assembly, and testing. Find out why our manufacturing is an award winning enterprise.

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Custom product components that are building blocks for any product you can imagine

We offer a creative partnership giving you opportunities to use building blocks in just about any combination, providing flexibility and best fit for your product industry. When your product innovation is combined with Syrma Technology’s engineering input and manufacturing experience, a globally competitive product is born.


Syrma Technology designs, engineers and manufactures industry RFID tags and inlays in unlimited number of forms custom made for your RFID solutions.



From magnetic components to multi-layer circuit boards, we efficiently design, engineer, test and manufacture custom products for global OEMs.

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RFID and IoT products today are changing the way companies interact with their customers

Our domain expertise gives you a competitive edge when developing RFID and IoT solutions. New technologies, new device, and new ways of communicating with your customers, are dramatically shrinking the design development cycle. Syrma Technology’s consultative design approach complemented by our RFID products helps you to adapt to the ever changing market conditions.

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