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Syrma specializes in collaboration. Whether you’re an iconic brand or a visionary startup, we’ll partner with your team to deliver world-class electronics manufacturing services (EMS), co-developing optimal electronics design, engineering, and production solutions. We’ll enable you to stay ahead of competitors while reducing your development costs and effectively managing your risk. We provide a proactive partnership experience for OEMs, offering state-of-the-art EMS capabilities, backed by a 40-year legacy of innovative electronics excellence by Tandon Group companies.

Based in the global tech hubs of San Jose, California and Chennai, India, our flagship 120,000 square foot Chennai facility maintains internationally-recognized ISO certifications, with favorable incentives via our location within an India Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Combined with our vast network of trusted materials suppliers, these advantages uniquely position us to deliver exceptional quality at significant cost savings for every Syrma customer.

Your Global Manufacturing Partner

We’re uniquely positioned to assist global OEMs in capitalizing on opportunities presented by the India’s expanding domestic market. We have identified strategic locations to develop and bring online world-class infrastructure in dedicated, as well as co-developed SEZs. These SEZs and IT parks are designed to offer our own facilities, along with infrastructure provided by our partners to ensure time to market.

In addition to serving as their global manufacturing partner, we help our customers successfully bring products and services to the Indian market. Our management team is extensively engaged with both industry and government leaders in India. These relationships can be leveraged to assist OEMs in navigating the often complex sales channel to enable our mutual success. We have developed an infrastructure that’s uniquely positioned to assist global customers to explore growth opportunities presented by India’s vast domestic market.

Powering RFID & IoT Innovations

The foundation of any successful electronics product is reliable, top-quality components. From multi-layer printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to supplying the essential building blocks of your new product concept—or a refresh of an existing design—we offer the clearest pathway toward a solid foothold in your marketplace. When your innovative ideas are backed by our engineering and manufacturing know-how, a globally competitive product is born.

From heavy industrial applications to household electronics, today’s wireless networking applications revolve around the latest RFID and IoT innovations. Our electronic manufacturing services—highlighted by our collaborative design approach and accelerated development process—enable OEMs to stay ahead of the curve as these groundbreaking technologies and their markets emerge before our eyes.

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